Over 40 years


Nikki Willgohs, 

Graphic Designer
Bachelor of Fine Arts,

Graphic Design
Minnesota State University, Moorhead

Jill Pertler, Writer and

Syndicated Columnist
Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, 
Minor Creative Writing
University of Arizona

Combined talents:
• illustrations
• computer art
• slogans
• writing
• editing
• interviews
• research
• photography
• web design

• InDesign

• Illustrator
• PhotoShop
• Dreamweaver
• Microsoft Word
• Adobe Acrobat

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Communication is key
Whether you want to share information with fellow coworkers, businesses, clients or potential customers, communication is one of the keys to success for every business today.

A straight shot
We give you a straight shot from idea to finished product. With us there’s no running around from writer to editor to graphic designer to layout artist to printer.

Teamwork works
We work as a team, with our own specific talents, bouncing ideas and feeding off each other’s creativity. We can come up with a brand new promotional idea, or build on one that has already proven successful for you.


Working as a team and impressing clients since 1998.

Nikki Willgohs has been designing professionally for over 20 years. In addition to creating business marketing materials, she has original designs and artwork incorporated into many business websites. Her ability to create in a multitude of styles provides an individual uniqueness to each client’s product.

Jill Pertler has been writing professionally for over 25 years. In addition to business writing and work with individuals, she has had articles published in local, regional and national magazines. Her syndicated column, Slices of Life, is distributed weekly to newspapers throughout the upper midwest.